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When you are looking for dental work, you want a dentist that is not only recognized as a leader for providing oral health care; you want someone that is dedicated to helping patients feel comfortable and confident under their care. Northridge Dentist is a state-of-the-art dental clinic where you can find all of this and more.

At Northridge Dentist, we are committed to our patient’s wellbeing and health. You can expect to arrive at our clinic and receive a positive dental experience in our relaxed and friendly environment. No longer do you have to fear a visit to the dental clinic, we have created a clinic where you can come without stress and leave with confidence in having the best dental experience.

What To Expect From Northridge Dental

We want to help you and your family achieve and keep a healthy smile. Our services include cosmetic, emergency, endodontic, general, and Invisalign. With Northridge Dentist, you can receive all your dental care through the deepest possible level of care provided by a professional team of dentists. Each of our dental care plans are tailored to our patient’s individual needs. We do not believe in one form of care fits all, each patient is unique with their own needs, and we at Northridge Dentist strive to address each patient accordingly.

When you are a patient with Northridge Dental, all your dental needs can be met. Our dentists are not only capable and extremely efficient in addressing dental issues under general dentistry, but our team is also qualified to provide the most lucrative cosmetic dental treatments. We have the experience to detect every tiny detail of your treatment needs and will provide you with more than durable; you will have the best quality service available in this field.

Patients enter Northridge Dental seeking help with dental care from general dental issues to cosmetic treatments. We have experienced dentists and friendly staff who are going to change the way you feel about going to the dentist. We believe in not only fixing your dental needs but in building trust and confidence in you and ensuring we build a relationship that will carry into the future. When you leave our offices, you will know you’ve made the best choice for your oral and dental health and future. With some of the best professionals on staff using state-of-the-art technology, we give our patients reasons to smile.

There are times when dental issues need advanced dental treatment. Advanced dentistry is not commonly offered at most dental clinics. Northridge Dentist offers these services through Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani. Advanced dentistry is the practice of dentistry, which requires the use of past experiences along with professional skills. These skills are necessary to determine the right route for dental treatments.

Meet Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani

Treatments are performed as advanced dentistry under the strict supervision of Dr. Kashani to ensure proper procedures are moving along in a planned manner. Dr. Issac Kahen Kashani’s professional approach is to provide optimal care to all his patients. It is his history to work hard and remain determined to his goals of providing his patients with the best possible dental care.

Dr. Kashani continues his education so that his knowledge of the dental community remains at the forefront of his field. After finishing his college career of becoming a dentist, Dr. Kashani went on to learn the art of sedation dentistry, immediate load implants, traditional implants, advanced restorative dentistry, and completed courses in cosmetic dentistry. His commitment to his work is unmatched.

Through his years being a dentist, Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani has earned a prestigious standing amongst his peers and patients for treating some of the most difficult cases in dentistry. He excels in the field of advanced dentistry and provides top quality of care when it comes to restorative or cosmetic dental work. Coming from a family of well-established professionals, Dr. Kashani has always been inspired to do his best and to continue to make his best even better. This dedication to his field is proven through the accelerated academic achievements he has earned.

Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani received a bachelor’s degree and went on to earn his dentistry education at the New York University College of Dentistry, which is one of dentistry’s oldest schools providing dental education in the United States. He also attended UCLA and received majors in Biology and Sociology with a minor in Public Policy.

Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani is one of the most talked-about dentists in the area, and his service is trusted and backed by years of experience. He has gained admiration for performing some of the best work in root canals, implants, veneers, and many other dental procedures, and his supporting role as a dentist to make the dental experience as comfortable as possible for his patients.

Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani and the whole staff at Northridge Dentist understand the fear associated with going to the dentist's office. There is an array of devices and instruments that appear as scary when you enter most dental rooms, but at Northridge Dentist, we work hard to ensure you feel comfort when entering our walls.

Dr. Kashani and his team realize your fears and doubts when making an appointment for dental care. We also understand you have concerns about how treatments are performed and what some of the recovery times are going to be after your treatment. At Northridge Dentist, Dr. Kashani and his staff make sure you understand everything involved with your dental plan. You are encouraged to ask questions and do not want you going in for treatment until all those questions are answered.

Dr. Isaac Kahen Kashani and his entire team at Northridge Dentist are considered one of the leading dental clinics in the area. We have worked hard to earn this reputation and continue to work hard to retain our patient satisfaction. We have a significant list of patients who come through our doors seeking dental care who walked back out the door with a smile. It is our continued commitment to provide quality oral and dental care to all our patients and to provide them all with immensely satisfying results.

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In house financing, Care Credit, and other financing options are available. Call us at 818-701-3010 to find out more ways to make your dentistry affordable.

Payment is expected at the time services are performed. When more extensive dental care is necessary, dental financing options can be made with our office.

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Some of the major insurances we accept are displayed to the right, however, we gladly accept ALL PPO Insurance plans and are a Delta Dental Premier provider. We will gladly help you to understand whether your insurance has limits on the doctors you can see or the services you can receive. If you provide complete and accurate information about your insurance, we will submit claims to your insurance carrier and receive payments for services. Depending on your insurance coverage, you may be responsible for co-payments, co-insurance, or other deductible amounts. Please contact our office or call your insurance carrier should you have any questions.

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